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Data from: Growth-factor like gene regulation is separable from survival and maturation in antibody secreting cells


Day 3 — 20 Differentiation (Long Time-Course)



Note: networks take time to load, please be patient.

LTC Colour-Module


LTC Animation GIF (With Module Ellipse)

LTC Animation GIF

Networks coloured by median expression at time-point

LTC Colour-Day3

LTC Colour-Day6

Condition 1: IL6, IL21, IFNα

LTC Colour-Condition1_D6+1HR

LTC Colour-Condition1_D6+3HR

LTC Colour-Condition1_D6+6HR

LTC Colour-Condition1_D6+12HR

LTC Colour-Condition1_D7

LTC Colour-Condition1_D8

LTC Colour-Condition1_D10

LTC Colour-Condition1_D13

LTC Colour-Condition1_D20

Condition 2: IL6, IL21, IFNα, TGFβ3

LTC Colour-Condition2_D6+1HR

LTC Colour-Condition2_D6+3HR

LTC Colour-Condition2_D6+6HR

LTC Colour-Condition2_D6+12HR

LTC Colour-Condition2_D7

LTC Colour-Condition2_D8

LTC Colour-Condition2_D10

LTC Colour-Condition2_D13

LTC Colour-Condition2_D20

Condition 3: IL6, IL21, TGFβ3

LTC Colour-Condition3_D6+1HR

LTC Colour-Condition3_D6+3HR

LTC Colour-Condition3_D6+6HR

LTC Colour-Condition3_D6+12HR

LTC Colour-Condition3_D7

LTC Colour-Condition3_D8

LTC Colour-Condition3_D10

LTC Colour-Condition3_D13

LTC Colour-Condition3_D20


Day 7 plasmablasts — TGFB/SDF1 (Short Time-Course)


Note: networks take time to load, please be patient.

STC Colour-Module


STC Animation (With Module Ellipse)

STC Animation

Coloured by median expression at time-point
No TGFβ3

STC Colour-negTGFB_0min

STC Colour-negTGFB_30min

STC Colour-negTGFB_120min

STC Colour-negTGFB_360min

With TGFβ3

STC Colour-posTGFB_0min

STC Colour-posTGFB_30min

STC Colour-posTGFB_120min

STC Colour-posTGFB_360min


Supplemental Tables

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